O'Bayes 2022: Objective Bayes Methodology Conference
Department of Statistics, UC Santa Cruz

O'Bayes 2022

University of California Santa Cruz
September 6-10, 2022

O'Bayes 2022 is dedicated to facilitate the exchange of recent research developments in objective Bayes theory, methodology and applications, and related topics, to provide opportunities for new researchers, and to establish new collaborations and partnerships. The meeting is the biennial meeting of the Objective Bayes section of the International Society for Bayesian Analysis (ISBA). In this conference, we will be celebrating the 70th birthday of Luis Pericchi an extraordinary person who has been very influential in the successful development of OBayesian ideas.

This will be the 14th meeting of one of the longest running and preeminent meetings in Bayesian statistics, following earlier meetings held in West Lafayette, IN, USA, 1996; Valencia, Spain, 1998; Ixtapa, Mexico, 2000; Granada, Spain, 2002; Aussois, France, 2003; Branson, MO, USA, 2005; Roma, Italy, 2007; Philadelphia, PA, USA, 2009; Shanghai, China, 2011; Durham, NC, USA 2013; Valencia, Spain 2015; Austin, TX, USA, 2017, and Warwick, UK, 2019.

Conference dinner information

The conference dinner will be held 7PM to 10PM on Sept 9 at the Seymour Marine Discovery Center (Link to Google map). The Seymour center is about 4.6 miles (12 - 15 minutes driving) from the auditorium, and 1.6 miles (5 minutes driving) from the Hampton Inn Santa Cruz West.

Shuttle from the campus to the Seymour center starts at 6PM. The pickup location is outside of the auditorium at the Engineering 2 Circle. The shuttles will leave around 6PM and 6:40PM. Shuttle from the Seymour center to Hampton Inn Santa Cruz West starts at 9:30PM.

If you drive to the Seymour center, please note that the same parking rule applies as on campus. The same parking pass on the main campus can be used at the Seymour center.

A safe ISBA meeting

Please note that attendees to this meeting are expected to share our commitment to safeISBA. Compliance with ASA’s Ethical Guidelines for Statistical Practice and ISBA Code of Conduct is required of and tacitely endorsed by all participants.


  • Sept 18, 2022. Talk and discussion slides posted on the schedule page.
  • Sept 8, 2022. Conference dinner information posted on this page
  • Aug 25, 2022. Important information about parking and internet posted here.
  • Jul 7, 2022. Complete conference program updated on the Schedule page.
  • Jun 17, 2022. Transportation information updated.
  • May 27, 2022. Registration is open! Poster submission has been extended to 6/15.
  • Mar 1, 2022. The poster submission is now open.
  • Nov 22, 2021. The conference schedule has been updated.
  • Oct 8, 2021. The list of invited speakers, discussants and tutorials are posted.
  • Apr 12, 2021. O'Bayes 2022 website is alive.

    Scientific committee

  • Nicolas Chopin, ENSAE
  • Dimitris Fouskakis, National Technical University of Athens (Chair)
  • Gonzalo García-Donato, University of Castilla-La Mancha
  • Juhee Lee, University of California, Santa Cruz
  • Peter Mueller, University of Texas at Austin
  • Judith Rousseau, University of Oxford
  • Laura Ventura, University of Padova

    Local organizing committee

  • Athanasios Kottas, University of California, Santa Cruz
  • Zehang Li, University of California, Santa Cruz
  • Paul Parker, University of California, Santa Cruz
  • Bruno Sansó, University of California, Santa Cruz (Chair)

    Acknowledgement: The conference is sponsored by the International Society for Bayesian Analysis (ISBA) and the Jack Baskin School of Engineering of the University of California Santa Cruz.